Reply To: what else is there-other than physio

April 29, 2014 at 9:24 am

I now have a new diagnosis after back x-rays: arthritis in my spine. L4 and L5 have deteriorated and the nerves are pinched – that is the cause of intense pain, but he has not rules out anything else. I will still go for the Idiopathic Progress Polyneuropathy testing and now a MRI as well. I begin PT today; any alternative to surgery and drugs is o.k. by me 🙂

I read up on the ALA – Nacoco’s recommendation – it sounds amazing!!! I can’t wait to talk to all doctors and get their reaction (unless they’re adamantly against my trying it – I will).
Thank you for the valuable info – everyone should read up on this!!!
Just Google “alpha-lipoic acid”. Incredible!