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February 28, 2014 at 10:39 pm

Sridhar, you have posted under a GBS forum topic, but your disease started in 2006. The recurrent form of GBS (RGBS) does not last much longer than two years. Based on the symptoms you have just reported eight years post GBS, it sounds like you probably have CIDP.

CIDP is the chronic form of GBS and can go into remission for many years before returning. No one really knows for sure what triggers its return, but flu shots and certain virus infections are often reported as a possible source.

The medicines you listed may provide some relief from the affects of CIDP, but won’t treat the condition itself. Lupirtin-P may help with nerve pain and possible Diabetic related neuropathies; Franxit is more of a tranquilizer; Maxmala appears to be a mild pain reliever and you would likely be better off with Lyrica (according to our forum members); Becosules: a vitamin B12 deficiency could produce CIDP-like neuropathy, but it would be quickly revered with a high dosage of B12.

IVIg, SCIg, and Plasmapheresis are the treatments for CIDP that can provide the most immediate benefit. Other medicines such as Imuran, Prednisone, and Rituximab are also used to treat CIDP, but these may have side affects for some people. A review of CIDP treatments can be found here:

Alternative treatments – A recent study was conducted to see how well Alpha Lapoic Acid did in treating some cases of CIDP. The Clinical Trial can be viewed here: ALA is a low cost over-the-counter supplement. Taking 1500 MG per day may prove beneficial to some after 4-6 weeks.

I think you may have a better potential for recovery if you are under the care of a CIDP specialist. The GBS-CIDP Foundation liaison in India may be able to connect you with a specialist in your area. Please contact:

Dr. Arindam Ray Anneshan
Kolkata,West Bengal
+9194330 14707