Reply To: Relapse vs Rehab

February 15, 2014 at 5:29 pm

I share your feelings regarding relapses!!! I am also on Immuran (Azo 200mg/day). One of the “signs” I watch out for is trouble sleeping coupled with elevated blood pressure. In fact I am suspecting I maybe starting a relapse now, i.e., muscle weakness & tremors in my hands. The last time (11/1) relapse, I went into the ER & got hooked up to Solumedral (sp) for 3 days (over a weekend) followed up the next week with my normally scheduled IVIg. After 2 days/doses of the solumedral, I could feel the relapse had stopped immediately & I was back using a cane. After the 3rd dose, I was walking around inside the house w/o any cane. The IVIg regime was like a strengthening booster switch. The bad part is I’m back on oral Predisone. I just wish I could find the key to managing CIDP w/o Predisone.