Reply To: Therapy giving up

February 11, 2014 at 7:54 pm

That is exactly what happened to me! I went into the ER in October, the ER transferred me to the ICU the next day, and then I was transferred to rehab at another facility in November. After 3 weeks in rehab they told me I was not progressing and couldn’t stay in rehab. I was still unable to walk, stand, or feed myself. My vision was blurred (couldn’t read anything) and I could not chew or swallow food well. They ordered a power wheelchair for me through my insurance because they said I would need it. Then they transferred me to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) in January, where I stayed until my insurance ran out in April.

I regained the ability to feed myself while in the SNF where I was given physical and occupational therapy daily. My treatments with Plasmapheresis helped me regain the strength needed to go home. I had to have my house retrofitted (wheelchair ramp, wider doorways, hospital bed, Hoyer lift, etc.) before my wheelchair and I went home together.

Many GBS sufferers have this situation and you should not be alarmed by it. Each of us recovers at different rates and to different degrees. A good deal of recovery usually comes during month 3 to 6 after being stricken. So, hang in there and things will get better. I hope your husband has a quick and full recovery.