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February 8, 2014 at 4:15 am

John, I have not heard of supplements or teas having adverse interactions with IVIg or SCIg. The only possible interaction might be with live-virus vaccines, and the interaction would be to make the vaccine ineffective. Here is a chart that summarizes the types of IVIg and any interactions that might occur:

I had partially paralyzed speech with GBS/MFS, mostly on the right side of my head/mouth/throat. It took many months of speech therapy before I could do much more than whisper. IVIg didn’t seem to make a difference for me, but Plasmapheresis sure did. I had improvement 2-3 days after my 1st PE treatment. 5+ years later, I still have a slight lisp when I speak.

Here are some other member threads that talk about similar conditions:

Regarding insurance coverage, each insurer has different coverage policies for the same disease. Here is a sample from Aetna for VCP: Please note that it is important to choose the correct medical coding when applying for insurance coverage of a VCP related treatment, ditto for a CIDP related treatment. You should request copies of the detailed policy your insurance carrier will apply in your case.

Are you related to Loni? If so, there are alternatives to using infusion centers. You could do a home IVIg infusion or do SCIg at home. Both are less costly to an infusion center. However, if this is your first IVIg treatment, you should probably have it done in a facility that can closely monitor your reactions to it and how it is given. Some people do better if IVIg is given at a slower rate. Because it can take a very long time, you may want to request a faster rate to see what you can tolerate. Insurance should pay for the infusion center more readily if monitoring is a medical necessity in your case.

My best wishes for a quick recovery!