Reply To: Itching

February 8, 2014 at 3:36 am

well, sorry that yall have similar symptoms, but I’m glad i’m not totally crazy! 🙂 Zbrd- Yes, lyrica has saved me… the first three or so months of this mess I didn’t sleep hardly at all.. I was sooo exhausted and would fall right to sleep, but then wake up in misery with the creepy crawly uncomfortable crawl out of my skin sensations.. I finally had to take something to help with it and they gave me lyrica.. every single time I try to cut back then I don’t sleep at all, and I am miserable with shocks, zings, crawling out of my skin sensation.. it has saved my sanity for sure!
As far as shortening the duration of the treatments, I know I should go back to every 2 weeks, but it is very hard to do that.. I am at every 3 right now.. and I definitely feel it wear off and kind of slide into that 3rd week…I am still working and raising 2 young kids, so every 2 weeks made it where I just didn’t get any time to just live… I do like the idea of 2 days in a row though.. I could do that a little easier maybe.. It’s all such a juggling act, and I defintely don’t want to do any permanent damage by going too long in between treatments.