Reply To: Itching

February 7, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Sounds exactly like me. When it gets closer to IVIG time I have exact same symptoms. It was getting so bad the last 5 or so days before treatment that I had my Dr. change my frequency. We shortened the time between treatments by 1 week and I am in much better shape. More consistent external symptoms between treatments. I still get some itching, stingers, etc, but not like before.
Also of note…for me Lyrica is a wonder drug at relieving the itch, stingers and overall discomfort. Nothing, I mean Nothing, works like Lyrica!

Maybe you can get your Dr. to shorten the time between treatments, even if it means a reduced number of days. I was at:
4 days every 4 weeks. Now 3 days every 3 weeks. Same dosage per year, just more often…..sure is a hassle though….