Reply To: Tremor

February 2, 2014 at 9:26 pm

stevemckean – wow, how long did you have the ALS diagnosis? The first dr I saw about all this mess told me he thought I had ALS (i was 30 years old and about 2 months post partum).. Once they did the EMG three days later (not a fun 3 days).. they said “oh, I guess, not, you have some mild demylenation”.. anyhow.. Why did it take 7 years for the CIDP diagnosis – were your LP’s and NCV’s normal? was your needle EMG ever abnormal? SO glad your doing better!!!! I know I am almost 3 years into this and am SO thankful everday for being able to walk, talk and even work still.. I was on a fast fast decline.. thought I’d be dead in a matter of months at the most at the rate I was going.. so scary .. My neuro mentioned benign essential tremor, but my response, was that it has GOT to be related to the CIDP, as its just not likely I would happen to have a tremor at 33 and then this separate neuro issue, when no one in my family has a tremor..

gslm- I have the vibrating all over as well.. I sware I have my cell phone on vibrate a lot.. I will have to check all my pockets.. it’s really odd!