Reply To: How long after onset did you begin to actually lose strength, not just weakness?

January 31, 2014 at 9:55 am

bny806, thank you for the reply. May I ask how long the lag time might be for EMG? How you were diagnosed at the last? If your EMG and lumber were both normal, how did they decide it was CIDP?

My onset was 3.5 months ago and one month after vaccine. I have been getting progressively worse ever since. I have a lot of sensory motor symptoms and aotonomic. Numbness (getting worse by the day), prickling, burning, zapping, night sweat, mild diarrhea, mild dizziness, etc. Muscle twitches, aches, cramps, weakness. No stamina. Everything feels heavy and labored. Major balance issues. Tremors in hands. Locking fingers. Shaky feeling over all. Fatigue. Symptoms are very symmetrical and all my limbs affected. Sensory symptoms seem more distal than proximal. Motor seems about equal between distal and proximal.

GH, you are right. Right now I can’t do anything but wait and learn about more possible tests I can do. Maybe a complete neuropathy panel? I just worry again even if I hit the right test, it will be too early right now. It is terrifying.