Reply To: Tremor

January 31, 2014 at 7:00 am

Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyRADICULOneuropathy is my diagnosis.

Meaning; many (perhaps all) of the 33 nerve roots coming out of the spine are inflamed. If you consider what demyelinazation does, many of the diverse symptoms in this thread can be explained. IvIG therapy(and other therapies and drugs) allows remyelization in a non-inflamed environment, thereby allowing action potentials to reach muscles without or with less conduction blockage.

It took 7 years for me to get my CIDP diagnoses. I was told over and over that all my symptoms were diabetes related.
Unfortunately, during that time, I lost partial function in my left foot (drop foot), developed permanent breathing problems and right hand dysfunction.

I also have fasciculations (tremors) that originate from cervical spine nerve root deymelinazation
that manifests in my left deltoids, right trapezoid and sternocleidomastoid muscles. When these muscles are effected by CIDP I have severe left arm weakness, diaphragm related breathing difficulties; leg and gait, and swallowing/chewing problems.

Luckily, with bi-monthly IvIG (200 grams/month) and 50mg of azathioprine 2x/day, I have regained many motor and sensory functions
over much of my body. My tremors have subsided. What was diagnosed as Essential Tremor in my right was also CIDP and ceases
after infusions.

I will never run again, but I feel blessed to have achieved a measure of success with the correct CIDP diagnoses, and drug and IvIG therapy.

And, yes, everything is worse when the IgG wears off, but I’ve discovered that the relapses can be ameliorated by strenuous and disciplined lap-swimming or repetitive lifting of small weighs, while walking.

My initial diagnoses was ALS, so everything and anything is better after that misdiagnoses.