Reply To: Problems with diagnosis

January 28, 2014 at 5:51 pm

Thank you for your answer GH.

The nerve conduction tests were indeed performed on my legs. I am suffering from numb hands and feet but not weakness as such (though there was the lack of reflexes) – more like generalised fatigue. I started suffering from balance problems and dizzyness in the last couple of days. The facial numbness is extremely unpleasant but there hasn’t been any paralysis or double vision so far thank God.

I agree with your point of view about the relative lack of importance of putting a label on the condition. My main concern however is whether I should go with the initial diagnosis of GBS/MFS and wait it out, or push for further testing to see if it’s something completely different. I imagine the MRI and lumbar puncture would have ruled out most of the major nasties but it’s not the most reassuring situation as you can imagine.