Reply To: New doctor finding him strange

January 22, 2014 at 8:22 pm

I”m not even int he position of getting treatment at this point because I can’t seem so far to get to the point of getting the spinal tap to confirm or not confirm the disease. And as I know this spinal tap still may not determine if I may or may not have the disease, I first have to have a doctor that is going to fight for me in getting some kind of treatment. I just nearly was making a post about this new doctor I saw and how odd he was since he came recommended from the liaison this site gives. Lucky I have gotten in touch with her and talked with her and she completely agree’d that I should not see this particular neurologist again.

If I tend to ramble it’s out of anxiety, panic and I have a lot or problems thinking and being able to explain things a lot of times.

I do have insurance and it’s a medicare supplemental insurance and it limits me to Louisiana or I would certainly go out of state. My biggest hope is that the tests to move forward with any kind of treatment were lost when my neurologists nurse retired and I should know this soon as I have an appointment with him in less than 2 weeks.

If for any reason he doesn’t work out, then I am at a loss because I don’t know how to pick out a good neurologist but to go to the website of my insurance and pick a name. I also can’t afford to keep doing the same test over again just because one doctor doesn’t like the results another doctor did and would like to do it himself. I find that to be a bit of fraud to the system. When I give the results of my EMG tests it has the graphs and everything included and that is being put out I assume by a machine recording what the needle or when you get shocked is doing. So I don’t think the doctor doing that can lie about those results.

I also don’t fell I have in anyway not followed the rules of etiquette except for my rambling that as I have explain have a hard and difficult time with.

So I can also respond to GH because she said I had previously not asked a question so that is why I had not gotten a response, but if you look at the previous conversation she had asked what my symptoms were so i gave them and then there was no response.

So I have given all the symptoms that I can think of and a question of how do you find a good neurologist besides just picking one off a list when you don’t know anybody to ask? And I had also posed a question in what questions should I be asking when I go back to this next visit.

And if this is true and I quote “There are only a few regular contributors to this site. I post only when I feel I have a useful contribution, not merely to chat.” Then there are not many people that are going to answer a post and I wouldn’t think so few people would be so concerned about etiquette and be more helpful in helping someone through the process and understanding what they are going through. They symptoms they are having etc.