Reply To: New doctor finding him strange

January 21, 2014 at 7:48 pm

Perhaps your expectation of what you can get from a website are not realistic. If you have a condition which is defficult to diagnose, you can’t get the answer here. What you can get is information from the experiences of those who contribute here, and suggestions how to go about getting help for your disorder. The first thing you need is one neurologist with whom you have a good relationship and who is able to do the differential diagnosis.

Diagnosis of neuropathies is not easy. The spinal fluid test, for esample, can support a diagnosis of GBS or CIDP, but can be inconclusive if taken too early.

Have you settled on one neurologist? Do you have a specific question? Your previous post likely received no responses because you asked no questions and because no one had anything to contribute. There are only a few regular contributors to this site. I post only when I feel I have a useful contribution, not merely to chat.

I suggest you stick to one neurologist, but if you are not getting satisfactory treatment then you need to change. The first thing is to nail down (or at least narrow down) the diagnosis. But keep in mind that some cases are difficult to diagnose. A good neurologist may not have all the answers you want, but will keep working on getting the diagnosis and treatment right.