Reply To: New doctor finding him strange

January 21, 2014 at 6:20 pm

I’m not finding this site very useful. People don’t seem to answer posts or I don’t do the right tags or something. The new neurologist I went to see I have decided not to see him again. I have had to many people asking me why he didn’t just do the spinal tap and I don’t have the answer.

It took me quite awhile to figure out why this new doctor and one recommended by the liaison from this site gave me so much anxiety and panic attacks and I realized it was because 1. would not answer any questions, 2. wanted to run more tests and not give me a reason why, and couldn’t bother to pick up the phone and call me about my blood results and say well we have these findings so we rule out this or include this. I got the results myself through an app I have on my phone through the lab I go to do my blood tests.

I also have a neck injury and for some odd reason this doctor decided to jerk my neck up and down and then tried to do it sideways and I had to stop him. I have never been to any doctor that just wouldn’t tell you anything. He shouldn’t be recommended by this association in my opinion. So I am hoping I just fell through the cracks some how with my neurologist I have been with for several years when his nurse retired and maybe the spinal tap some how didn’t get ordered because of that reason. I”ll see him in a few weeks.

I know for myself, if you get a bad gut feeling about a doctor and you don’t get any questions answered even a simple question they why are you paying him? I also took a licensed social worker with me to drive me to my appointment and had that person come into the room during the examination and the social worker couldn’t even figure out what this neurologist was doing.

Maybe this site is just not for me.