Reply To: Insurance Question

January 21, 2014 at 2:16 am

Also, make your presence know in her current facility and the one she will be sent to. Try to go every day if you can. Feedings are rough and do not always get done. Check up on them during therapy sessions to make sure they are giving what they are getting paid for. Go at different times so they don’t know your schedule. You can go to your states website to look up deficiencies at each of the nursing homes. It might be something like blank…dph YOur state first initial say texas, so tdph nursing home surveys search. Don’t be fooled by websites like caring parents and such. While they try to do their due diligence they do not address actual state/federal violations. They usually just rate by a star system. Ask the social worker at your hospital or current facility how to access the state survey for nursing homes. When reading the violations try to keep them in perspective. You have to realize this is not an ideal situation and you have to be willing to overlook some things. You will not find a perfect place. You just have to find the best. Close in proximity to you is paramount. or your work if you would be visiting from there, that way it will make things easier on you. Each state has a dept of public health system that has different groups to help you with concerns. An ombudsman is your best friend should you have issues. What state are you in I could try to find the link you would go to. if you would like to talk privately we could do that