Reply To: Insurance Question

January 21, 2014 at 2:04 am

Everyone’s experiences with nursing homes are different. Some good, some bad. You are right to be concerned with the 1-20 ratio. That is rough especially with a trach. that will need to be cleaned. Be vigilant with making sure they are cleaning and pay attention to catheter if she is still cathed. Not sure how the Australian citizen thing will work regarding Medicaid. Medicare does not pay for a nursing home past 90 or 100 days can’t remember. If there is no progress and she plateaus they kick her out faster (insurance or medicare if she is eligible regarding citizenship) If you are married does that have a bearing? Hypothetically, if she is eligible for medicare, once it runs out she can qualify for Medicaid if you have a proper trust. If you don’t get on it yesterday!!! You need to see a cela certified elder law attorney. Certified being the operative word. They will instruct you on setting up a trust with a land trust as well. They will give you guidance on how to protect your assets. Otherwise a nh is a minimum of 87K a year not including meds therapy or doctors. You only get one chance to do things right so make sure it is a cela. They will also be able to advise on the citizen issue and what if any benefits she would be entitled to. If she is not a citizen and indigent (which is essentially what will happen with the set up of a trust) she has to legally be able to go somewhere I just don’t know the parameters of the law with the citizenship issue. Heck who knows maybe she can sign up for Obama care and it might work in your favor? On a positive note based on your description of her recent progress it seems she will make headway and be able to return home during the allotted time the insurance gives. Be strong, this will be taxing on you but she needs you!!