Reply To: Crushing Sensation? Teeth Pain?

January 19, 2014 at 12:58 am

I don’t have CIDP, but GBS, diagnosed and treated November 2012-March 2013. I have a more mundane observation about the “crushing” sensation while I was hospitalized and was still experiencing symptoms of GBS, especially in my arms and hands. In the hospital setting where I was originally diagnosed and treated the nursing staff insisted on tucking me in like a child, right up to the neck with sheets and blankets, and I did not have sufficient control over my hands and arms to extricate myself from the blankets. It was pretty scary (do I look like Houdini?) and the subject of many a nursing call to get me out of this!!! By the time I was transferred to in-patient rehab the nursing staff got it, and I was no longer tucked in to the neck. There was a big sign put over my bed instructing the nursing staff to keep my arms and hands freed up. It worked, and so did the IVIG.

Additionally, I was in a high-end, brand-new Stryker bed, not a traditional hospital bed. It was the best bed I ever experienced; I was very fortunate. Wish I could have taken it home with me.