Reply To: Crushing Sensation? Teeth Pain?

January 18, 2014 at 8:32 pm

I had teeth pain, but I don’t recall a feeling of crushing. My weird sensation was I felt as though my legs and feet sank through the bed and was almost touching the floor.

Treatment costs for PE or SCIg are overly expensive and I think many of the inflated medical prices are due to corporate greed. I had a bill totaling $50K at one point that was not covered by insurance. I found the hospital had a special program for those with financial hardship and I applied. The bill dropped to a few hundred dollars and I made payments over time. I had a similar experience at another hospital and did not qualify for their financial aid program (I won’t use them for that reason). The criterion for financial hardship varies between hospitals.

What town do you live in? Have you looked into the financial aid programs available from your local hospitals? Have you received quotes for SCIg and PE? I have found that these costs are almost always negotiable.