Reply To: Insurance Question

January 17, 2014 at 2:12 pm

A ratio of 1:20 is terrible. The SNF I was in wasn’t like that. It had its own doctor, and nurse assistants and therapists as well. Pain meds were not a problem, but by the time I went in the second time, I was off pain meds. The goal for GBS is recovery — to get off pain meds and rebuild strength. The best facility is one which has the best program for rehabilitation.

When I was in the active phase of my illness, I had severe leg pain and was taking powerful meds for it. But I had side affects from the pain meds, in conjunction with immobility and my neuropathy, which were even more painful. I stopped them while I was dealing with the complications and discovered that I could get along without them, as the leg pain eased when recovery began. I never went back on them, although I still have some residual pain, especially in my feet. You shouldn’t assume that she will need painkillers for a long time. It’s better to get off them as soon as she can.