Reply To: New doctor finding him strange

January 11, 2014 at 12:35 am

There certainly can be pain associated with CIDP. I don’t understand that part. It’s also true that diagnosing neuropathies can be difficult. If you have symptoms which could be GBS or CIDP, a spinal fluid test is a standard way of helping to narrow down the diagnosis. Have you not had that yet?

I don’t know where to find your earlier posts if you have described your symptoms there, and this site doesn’t work properly to help me find them. Can you post a link here or summarize your symptoms?

“End stage demyelating process” might apply to GBS. GBS is self-limiting. It reaches a certain point, then recovery begins. CIDP, on the other hand, is chronic. There may be no end stage at which the demyelenating process will halt.

As a general consideration, you should have a good relationship with any doctor. If you are uncomfortable with the treatment you are receiving, you are justified in looking for another.