Reply To: At what point should I go to the emergency room?

January 7, 2014 at 10:15 pm

Perhaps it isn’t CIDP, but there is considerable variation from one case to the next. You shouldn’t fixate on one diagnosis from your own research, but should leave diagnosis to a neurologist. The information you can find online enables you to ask informed questions, but not to make the diagnosis. On the other hand, the neurologist should keep an open mind until the diagnosis is certain. I don’t think CIDP can be ruled out based only on the proximal/distal criterion. Here is what Parry and Steinberg have to say on that point:

“The most prominent clinical feature of CIDP is weakness. It affect both proximal (closer to the body) and distal (farther away from the body) muscles early, but as the disease progresses, the distal muscle involvement becomes more noticeable.”

You might want to get a copy of Parry and Steinberg to study while you are waiting for your January appointment. You should also arrange for someone to assist you, if necessary. Do you live alone?