Reply To: Treatment options

December 24, 2013 at 7:54 pm

I started with PE, 5 times in 5 days followed by 3 days of IVIG, as the Neurologist said prednisone was really a problem with its side effects. Did really well for 10 weeks then regressed sharply and back to PE 5 did well for 3 weeks then “off the cliff”. Then we did IVIG 5 loads and moved to every 8 weeks, then 6 weeks then 4 weeks then 3 weeks and I did really well on the IVIG basically symptom free. Now after 19 years we are trying me to see how long I can go without treatment. For me both IVIG and PE worked wonderfully well but IVIG is much less invasive and 1 day per period is lots better for me than 5 days of PE per period.

I wish you well with whatever treatment is decided upon.