Reply To: CIDP and exercise ?

December 14, 2013 at 8:21 am

Hi Rick,
I had a similar experience when I started in the gym. Felt very stiff and sore for about a week after 1 light gym session ( Have CIPD now for 4 years)
Swimming was more beneficial for me as it was easier on the joints and muscles.
On vacation, just started threading water every day in the pool. My legs starting feeling slightly more “solid” over the week.
Then I started doing laps. I kept it up after vacation and started attending the local pool and managed to swim for about 30 mins non stop ( very slow pace though).

After I got a level of fitness in the pool I then went back to the gym and found the swimming has improved core strength and leg muscles where I could work out and not be greatly affected after it.
I find the best exercise are squats and bike. If you get to stage where you can do either of these it may improve and keep leg strength.
Also, I changed my diet to include more fish, less red meat, more veggies, garlic and onions and loads of green tea. It helped a lot.

All the best,