Reply To: Wish Me Luck

December 5, 2013 at 6:05 pm

Well it’s almost been a month since I (actually started/stopped) relapsed. It did bottomed out with the 3 days of 1,000mg IV Roids. Plus I’m back on 100 mg/day oral predisone. The following week I was scheduled for my 2 day IVIg infusion. The IVIg infusion was like a “Booster Switch.” The day after I PARKED my wheeled walker, started quad cane again, ditched that heavy beast, went to my Sunday-Go-To-Meeting cane, and now primarily in the house, FREE STYLE WALKING!!!! Still use the light cane outside to minimize falling/tripping risks.

Got up the 6 steps into and out of my motorhome. Started it up no problems and felt very comfortable “Playing” like I was driving, i.e., accelerator to brake, back and forth. Then yesterday (we live in a semi rural area), I went out and got into our Ford Explorer. Started it up, played with the brake & gas pedal. Felt very comfortable with that exercise. So I drove it around our driveway twice. No problems, felt comfortable & safe. Drove around the neighborhood feeling very safe & comfortable. Took it out on the Hwy & drove 10 miles down the road to Joyce & back. Again Safe & Comfortable. Wife & I are planning a trip into Port Angeles today with me driving both ways. The pure joy of driving independently cannot be expressed enough by me at this accomplishment!!! Especially so soon after the last relapse. It gives me HOPE that I can somewhat manage CIDP and have some simbalence (sp.) of a normal life.

Last but not least coincidence is at it again. My normal twice a year Headshed Neuro Doc Lee-Loung appointment at Swedish Cherry Hill in Seattle is friday. I plan on doing the driving from Port Angeles to the Bainbridge Island Ferry but will turn over the keys to my wife for the city stop & go crazy side in Seattle (ferry dock to Swedish). Then take back the driving on the Bainbridge side again. That will allow me to guage my driving endurance (200 + miles a day). Again, everything I do I consider a part of rehab, building BALANCE + STRENGTH + ENDURANCE. Our family has a bunch of B-days the first half of March with the Grandkiddies living in the Portland area, so that provides & builds on a GOAL, that is for me to prep our motorhome & drive it there & back.

Closing – Feeling Hopeful again, hope and pray our CIDP community/members are also feeling/experiencing the same!!!!