Reply To: checking glucose because of Prednisone

November 28, 2013 at 12:08 am

I got Diabetes from taking Prednisone (one of the possible side affects of the drug). If you are just starting Prednisone, there is little need to test your blood sugar until after a few months.

I have been off Prednisone since 2010, but still have Diabetes. I HATED pricking my fingers and never liked the devices that had that built-in.

I started with the Acu-Chek system and my PPO insurance paid for it and the supplies (strips and needles). I didn’t like the way the Acu-Chek ‘pricked’ and ended up buying a TrueTrack because it had a separate pricker that had a very narrow replaceable needle and a better adjustment for depth. Medicare paid for the TrueTrack and its supplies.

I started with the conventional insulin syringes and drew the insulin from a vial. I switched to a NovoLog FlexPen system (shorter and narrower needle) where you just dial the dosage and don’t have to worry about getting air in the mix, etc. Doctors seem to get NovoLog samples often and you might ask if your doctor has some.

Fortunately, I don’t need to check my blood sugar daily anymore since I went on Metformin.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Meal!