1.09 am and incontinent

October 8, 2007 at 2:28 am

I have been struggling with first bowel paralysis, I was told I have a spastic colon then I had bladder incontinence in fall of 2005 now in 2007 I have been battling bouts of bowel incontinence accompanied with bleeding horrible fluctuations in my blood preassure, inability to walk after I have an episode and now the episodes are cycling to once a week to once in 10 days. I have been told i have lymes induced polyneuropathies and autonomic dysfunction. I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder, a distended bladder and bladder retention on march 27th of this year.

I got some excellent information from neuropathy dot org they have some fantastic reference articles specifically to manage the bowel and bladder dysgfunction with autonomic neuropathy.

I know there are different types of IVIg and the one that has Ige antibodies helps with digestive function, I am told biofeedback and retraining of the muscles is the best treatment if done in time however it is possible that it may not be entirely successful but the best we can do is try.

I have still to be administered a single dose of IVIG and fingers crossed it may be that my treatment will begin week after next.

My heart goes out to all of us in this family who have these pelvic and rectal sensory and issues with daily bodily functions. I am often lucky to reach the toilette in time as to not make an accident and am also considering adult diapers. I am 38 and my digestive urinary and sexual problems have gotten this bad over a period of 3 years.

I am unable to sleep tonight because of the spasms and discomfort in my entire pelvic abdominal and rectal areas and the loss of blood with my episodes makes my energy completely depleted.

For everyone on this forum please visit Dr. trevor marshalls knowledge base called marshallprotocol dot com he has amazing utube presentations of autoimmune diseases of all types and treatments. He is the director of autoimmune disease foundation and research center in california. I got a lot of knowledge from that forum as well.

please dont be emabrassed, this is part of our disease they are episodes that happen to us. I do hope you find the strength to overcome whatever the day presents as someone said there is never a dull day each day brings us more episodes that we learn to live and deal with. My est wishes to everyone and especially yourself.